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Structural Stabilization

Public safety is the highest priority for the display of any object. Sculpture, architectural features and cemetery markers can become unstable to the point of eminent failure. Physical fatigue, “walking” of stone units during freeze-thaw cycles, severely leaning grave markers, the use of inappropriate ferrous hardware and armatures, improper design or installation, inadequate foundations, and mortar loss can all contribute to structural instability and possible public harm. Loose objects, particularly bronze elements and intricate cemetery carvings, can also lead to theft.

Structural stabilization is achieved through an understanding of the materials, original design, existing conditions, structural dynamics, and function and location of the object. Emphasis is placed on solutions that address the cause for the damage, compatibility with the historic materials, aesthetics and retreatability. Collaboration with architects and engineers ensures public safety by meeting required local building codes, and accepted structural standards.

Conserve ART Structural Stabilization Services:

  • Evaluation of Existing Conditions
  • Material Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • Engineering Consultation
  • Architectural Consultation
  • Repairs
  • Structural Armatures
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Rigging
  • Resetting

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