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Site Consultation, Rigging & Installation

Change of ownership, reuse and redesign of display locations, physical degradation of anchoring materials and other conservation treatment often requires the removal and reinstallation of sculpture and objects. Redesigning or selecting a new site should promote the object’s safety and longevity.

Site consultation evaluates how the object will be affected by the proposed location’s environmental conditions and the optimal positioning of the object within the desired setting. UV light exposure, potential humidity/water contact, the influence of trees and shrubs, ambient temperatures, freeze-thaw rates, base contact interface, public interaction, animal exposure/access, grounds maintenance, and other factors are taken into consideration. Once a new location is chosen, the object should be oriented to maximize desired natural lighting or artificial lighting designed for aesthetic and physical compatibility.

Installing objects typically requires the design and implementation of new anchoring systems. Successful anchoring systems ensure stability, compatibility with the historic materials and retreatability. Collaboration with architects, structural engineers and rigging firms ensures appropriate structural design, safe lifting, and installation for large-scale objects.

Conserve ART Installation & Site Consultation Services:

  • ŸSite Review
  • Evaluation of Public Interaction
  • Design and Location
  • Lighting
  • Structural Design
  • Engineering Consultation
  • Architectural Consultation
  • Anchor Systems
  • Rigging
  • Setting

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