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Mending & Repairs

Physical impact, use of inappropriate materials, freeze-thaw cycles and a host of other detrimental conditions can lead to deformation, cracks and eventual breakage of objects. Breaks require appropriate mending and repairs to maintain visual continuity, avoid loss of detached elements and to prevent further damage.   Treatment processes vary widely depending on the material type (stone, metal, ceramic, glass, wood, etc.), the cause for the problem at hand, the desired function of the object, desired display location and environmental conditions. All treatment balances material compatibility with the parent material and display environment, future retreatability, the safe guarding of undamaged areas from exposure of the treatment processes, the overall aesthetics of the object and public safety.

Conserve ART Mending Services:

  • ŸEvaluation
  • Engineering and Architectural Consultation
  • Material Analysis
  • Development of a Treatment Plan
  • Extraction of Inappropriate Materials
  • Mending with Epoxy, PVA, Paraloid B-72, and other Adhesives
  • Welding
  • Material Replacement
  • Final Surface Fills, In-Painting, and Localized or Comprehensive Finishing

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