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Injections, Grouting & Fills

Cracks and delaminations generally indicate areas of material failure or fatigue that form unwanted openings into the substrate, typically contributing to further deterioration of the object, including loss. A wide range of factors contribute to crack formation in objects and can vary considerably, depending on basic material categories, such as metal, stone, concrete, plaster, ceramic, etc.   The first step in the repair process is to understand the issue at hand: identification of the material type, cause for the material separation, configuration of the cracks, structural threat of the damage, and current/future environmental display conditions. Based on these findings, the appropriate injection materials, grouts and surface fills are selected with an emphasis on substrate and environmental compatibility.

Conserve ART Injections, Grouting & Fills Services:

  • ŸMaterial Analysis & Evaluation
  • Surface Preparation
  • Injection and Grout Application
  • Cementitious and Lime Grouts
  • Structural Epoxies
  • Polymers, including PVA, Paraloid B-72
  • Surface Protection for sensitive materials, including Orvus, Acrylics and Cyclododecane
  • Fills with color matched Aggregate
  • Composite mortars including Jahn, Edison Coatings & ST. Astier Naturally Hydraulic Lime

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