Plaster Treatments tagged with 'Monuments'


Plaster Treatments tagged with 'Monuments'

ConservArt LLC treats a wide variety of indoor sculpture and fine objects, including works in plaster. Plaster objects have included untreated and painted sculpture, plaques, artists’ models and three dimensional “sketches”. Plaster sculptures are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, exposure to high levels of humidity, and exposure to direct sunlight. Interior armatures of metal and wood often used to strengthen the object can cause additional problems such as cracking, rust staining and losses.

ConservArt LLC provides the following services:
– Collections Assessments
– Material Analysis
– Coating Analysis
– Cleaning
– Friable Surface Consolidation
– Paint Consolidation
– Crack Injections
– Mending
– Plaster Fills
– In-Painting
– Display Consultation

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