Mold Making & Casting tagged with 'Cemeteries'


Mold Making & Casting tagged with 'Cemeteries'

ConservArt LLC provides mold making, casting and fabrication services for the replication of artworks and lost items. Working closely with skilled stone carvers and metal foundries, missing items in stone and bronze can be made with like materials to match the original artwork or object. A variety of mold making materials and instillation techniques are available to minimize alteration to the original object. Like stone can often be obtained from historic quarries or cored from the original sculpture, to match the original grain structure and color. Metal analysis in professional laboratories can determine the exact alloy content of original casts to determine appropriate alloy content for replacement elements.

Replacement with composite cementitious patching and resin casts are desirable options that often reduce the impact to aged objects by retaining as much of the original as possible while also reducing stress and providing additional structural support. Utilizing dissimilar materials also enables differentiation of repairs from the original and can provide cost effective replacements that curb repeated theft of valuable items, such as bronze plaques and swords.

ConservArt LLC provides the following services:
– Material Analysis
– Coating Analysis
– Original Cleaning and Preparation
– Mold making
– Studio Casting in Plasters, Resins, Aggregate Matched Composites
– Foundry Casting in Bronze and Zinc
– Stone Replacements or “Dutchmen” in like Stone
– Composite Patching in Jahn, Edison Coatings and Customized Materials
– Finishing to Match Originals
– Anchoring Systems

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