Metal tagged with 'Monuments'


Metal tagged with 'Monuments'

An array of metals have been treated by ConservArt LLC, including brass, bronze, cast iron, copper, lead, Core-ten steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and zinc. Each treatment is designed to appropriately address the need and condition of the specific metal object. To preserve the integrity of the original object, minimally invasive treatment is emphasized, informing the client of the progress of each treatment phase.

Treatments include the following:
– Metal Analysis
– Coating Analysis
– Cleaning
– Corrosion Removal
– Interior Investment Removal
– Ferrous Pin Removal
– Lead and Bronze Casting Flaw Inserts
– Joint Repairs
– Crack Repairs
– Replacement Elements
– Patination
– Protective Coatings
– Rigging
– Structural Armatures
– Anchoring Systems
– Maintenance

  • General Israel Putnam

    Historical Significance General Israel Putnam was George Washington’s “right-hand man” during the Revolutionary War, and the subject the first biography written in America, Colonel David Humphrey’s “Essay on the Life….

  • Cornelius Scranton Bushnell Memorial

    Historical Significance Cornelius S. Bushnell (1829-1896) was a railroad baron turned shipbuilder. The Bushnell Memorial in New Haven, CT, a large, attractive bronze eagle atop a Stonycreek marble base, commemorates….


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