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Preservation Plan

A preservation plan provides a comprehensive overview of an object, collection, or historic cemetery and the overall setting, and establishes guiding principles for immediate preservation efforts and long term care. The document can be as simple or complex as needed to meet the needs of the client and the artistic or historic entity at hand.

First, an assessment of the object or inventory and site includes: the historical significance of the object and site; ownership and governance; the function of the object and site; and the potential resource for the local community and general public. The plan should address: the condition of the object and site; patron impact and safety concerns; the need for treatment and ongoing care; and the governing preservation philosophies and guidelines to successfully develop conservation treatment and maintenance programs. The resulting report provides an invaluable guide for the care of the object and site, as well as a foundation for determining preservation budgets and application of state and federal preservation grants.

Conserve ART Preservation Plan Services:

  • ŸObject and Site Overview
  • ŸHistoric Significance
  • ŸGovernance Review
  • ŸUse and Impact Review
  • Inventory
  • Preservation Guidelines
  • ŸTreatment and Maintenance Planning

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